Captivate your customers with our awe-inspiring seasonal storefront displays, hospitality and retail installations. With a touch of style and design, we can transform your space into an enchanting vista that truly leaves a lasting impression.

Pink blossom doorscape display for bespoke home design company in Sussex.

Seasonal storefront displays and doorscapes

Retailers are having to work harder than ever to stand out, meaning creating an impactful shopping experience is not just an option—it’s a necessity. Noble & Whyte excels in transforming retail and storefront spaces into captivating destinations that draw customers in and encourage exploration.

Our design philosophy centres around creating a visual journey that reflects your brand’s ethos, enhance product appeal, and ultimately converts passersby into engaged customers.

The exterior of your retail space is your first opportunity to communicate with potential customers. We work with you to maximise this opportunity by enhancing your visual footprint and pavement appeal. Through striking window installations, seasonal exterior displays, and delightful doorscapes, we design storefronts that embrace the spirit of the season to capture attention, draw customers in and set your store apart.

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Artificia pink rose table centrepiece display for dinning table.

Hospitality, bars, and restaurants

The atmosphere and ambience of your venue is a vital component of the guest experience. Noble & Whyte specialises in transforming restaurants and hospitality venues into captivating spaces that speak volumes of your commitment to excellence and the unique character of your brand.

Our bespoke design services are tailored to elevate your establishment, ensuring every detail resonates with personality and style, creating an unforgettable atmosphere that guests will cherish, remember, and share.

Elevating the dining experience; every detail of a restaurant contributes to your guest’s story. Noble & Whyte enhances this narrative with hand-crafted centrepieces, floral arrangements, and bespoke decor for both bar and dining areas. Our goal is to showcase the unique experience of dining at your venue, using décor that complements the cuisine. Making for a memorable experience for every visitor.

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Bella Vou Tunbridge Wells - Floral Gold and Green Décor

In-store installations

Staying fresh and stylish is key to encouraging repeat visits. We offer all of our clients ongoing support, updates, and advice, including seasonal decor refreshes and regular changes in design elements, ensuring your business always presents something new and exciting for your customers.

Bring your space to life with our in-store retail and hospitality installations. Engaging customers on a visual journey that complements your brand’s identity and promotes the brands you affiliate with.

From carefully curated floral arrangements to artistic light displays, we infuse your property with a spectacle that resonates with your customers.

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Office styling

Add life and style to your office space with seasonally inspired displays by Noble & Whyte.

With our bespoke styling service and using planters from our carefully chosen suppliers, we can bring year-round colour to your workspace.

Entrances and receptions will become more attractive settings, guests will be welcomed with warmth and vibrancy and your employees will feel more at home and productivity, and creativity will flourish.

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Christmas cone tree with turquoise baubles and warm white lights outside a department store in a shopping centre in Tunbridge Wells.

Commercial portfolio

First impressions last, and Noble & Whyte designs each installation to enchant and impress. Our approach focuses on creating visually stunning and memorable settings that customers can’t help but share, turning your business into a buzzworthy destination on social media and beyond, enhancing visibility and allure.

Delve into our awe-inspiring commercial transformations and installations via our portfolio.

From boutique shops to renowned establishments. Our portfolio showcases a wide range of visual wonders that exemplify the power of style, artistry, and design, in a commercial setting.

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Noble & Whyte proudly extends its services across the entire South East of England. Operating from a workshop in Crowborough, East Sussex, our team will bring magic to your doorstep across Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, and Greater London.

Commissioning your own Noble & Whyte display is an effortless and exhilarating experience. It begins with a personal consultation, after which seasoned stylists meticulously tailor a unique design. Once the vision is set, our installation team will take charge, ensuring all elements are professionally fitted. Once the agreed upon period is completed, the team will return to effortlessly dismantle your installation, and where required, responsibly dispose of any products.

All Noble & Whyte products are either created in our workshop or purchased to a commercial standard. For that reason, our products are hired for the duration of the installation and we are unable to sell them to customers except on some discretionary unique occasions. Should you wish to discuss this further please contact our team.

Noble & Whyte’s expertise transcends the ordinary, making every event an extraordinary affair. From opulent Christmas celebrations to elegant Easter gatherings, our team is well-versed in curating enchanting experiences for various seasonal celebrations. Additionally, we are masters at creating show-stopping displays for birthday parties that leave guests awe-inspired.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Our creativity also extends to crafting stunning in-store retail events, captivating store-front displays, and other commercial ventures that leave a lasting impression.

Quality and exclusivity are the cornerstones of Noble & Whyte’s installations. Therefore, we either craft our products and materials in our workshop or source them from reputable suppliers and artisans worldwide. From handpicked floral arrangements to premium lighting elements, every detail is carefully chosen to elevate your experience and add that extra special touch.

At Noble & Whyte, we take immense pride in the exceptional quality of our work. We stand behind our craftsmanship with unwavering confidence. As part of your one-to-one consultation, we will discuss all of our policies, including how our team will return to the location and fix any unforeseen issues.

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