Creating the visually spectacular Creating the visually spectacular

Expert stylists with an unrivalled passion for design, we specialise in crafting visually spectacular interior and exterior spaces for events and seasonal celebrations.

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Crystal drop decoration.

What makes it a Noble & Whyte?

Green garlands with silver and white accents and warm white lights for a Surrey property.


No two projects alike

Each project is a bespoke creation, meticulously tailored to reflect your vision. From opulent residential displays to captivating corporate and retail events, our exclusive designs are truly one of a kind.


Professional and precise

Our expert team operates with precision and attention to detail, adhering to an agreed timeline to deliver excellence on schedule, flawlessly bringing your vision to life.


Experience in all the details

With years of experience, Noble & Whyte deliver unparalleled expertise. From intricate light displays to exquisite floral arrangements, we have honed our skills in curating visually stunning spaces.

A grand green, gold, and silver themed Festive residential installation. Created for a London based celebrity Christmas 2023.

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Discover our portfolio and witness the magic that unfolds when creativity meets luxury.

Our extensive collection of awe-inspiring projects showcases the diversity and ingenuity that sets Noble & Whyte apart.

Whether you seek opulence and elegance, or unbridled joy and whimsy, let our past creations inspire your vision for an unforgettable experience.

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